Currys Credit Card & Financing

If you want to shop at Currys and receive financing you can. Currys does not offer their own credit facilities but they will run your information through a third party who can approve you to shop with them.

Currys third party creditor will offer credit financing for all products over L115. Any resident of the UK can quickly apply for financing through this group. You can fill out an application over the Internet and receive a credit decision within seconds. There is a place on their website where you can view different repayment options for your financing. You must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the UK. You must have a job and be working a minimum of 16 hours a week. You also must be able to repay your financing through the third party as a direct debit from your bank account.

When you apply for credit financing through Currys third party company HSC, you must be able to provide your bank account number and sort code. You must provide an employer address and phone number. You also must provide your residential address information for the past three years.

After you provide the information you will add the product you want financing for in your shopping basket and proceed to checkout as you would with a credit card. If the item you wish to purchase qualifies as a financing item, then you will be asked if you would like to make the purchase with one of Curry’s financing options. Again, the item must be over L115. You will click yes and then continue.

Curry’s third party financing company requires you to make an initial deposit on the item you want to purchase. You will be required to select this amount when you are in the process of requesting credit. You will need to agree to all of the terms of the agreement. Once you have accepted the agreement then you will wait a few moments to see if you are approved.

If you are approved through HSC for shopping at Currys with credit for the requested item then HSC will send you something in the mail. You will need to sign and return the form by mail.
When you shop through Currys and apply for credit it can take two weeks or more before you really can purchase the item. This is because you really are not getting credit through Currys but a third party that will verify your information and then approve you. Once you are approved through HSC then your order will be placed and you will be contacted through Currys with the order confirmation.

If you want to make a purchase through Currys then you might think about paying cash or using another credit option. You can apply for financing to shop at Currys through HSC, who is a third party credit agency they use. You do not actually get credit through Currys and the order isn’t even placed for at least two weeks until you know if you qualify for the credit.